The dilemma of my journey and evangelization

This in relation to my  journey towards the Jesus and to my Catholic faith which I love dearly.
Im not into evangelization per say.
Yet ,the problem here is Im doing just that .
I have been called self willed, sociopathic, and other derogatory comments.
I fought back as well with contempt.
Which wasn’t I wanted to do.
Why am I speaking about this dilemma in relation to my journey and evangelization .
I’m learning still and instead of people correcting me.
The people  attack as though I know everything.
Which I do not ?
I asked them to correct me. Yet  more hate spews.
This being said I’m not commenting on anyones blog but I will still blog.
God Bless.


Crossing the bridge

We at times Cross the Bridge.
Below the Bridge is water that rushes by us as life that passes us by.
The bridge as it collapses beneath us the waters take us down a stream which is life.
The stream becomes rapids and the rapids turns into a fall.
The end of the falls is death undoubtedly.
If I just would have crossed the bridge I wouldnt have been in the. Falls.

My Uncharitable attitude

Lately my uncharitable behavior has been prominent.
There are times when in my life. When  feel like my back is against the wall. I can be belligerent.
This has to do with somethings I can’t nor will I explain.
The truth is I hurt people but most of all I hurt my Jesus.
See this when a personal sin becomes a bigger sin against my neighbor.
Thank you for letting express again.